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5 Simple and Sophisticated Essentials

We have completed our 30 day fashion detox. Yay! We love our color, prints and accessories but sometimes you need to channel your style "chi" to ensure you are your best you. We get so bogged down with trends and our day to day life that soccer games, play dates, school work, movie nights and running a design company cause our heels to run flat. So we took 30 days to test 5 simple pieces to clear our foggy style.

1. Tailored blazer

2. Fitted skirt

3. Wrap dress

4. White cotton fitted t-shirt

5. Slim fitted pant

For a month,we wore basics and surprisingly even at my soccer game we looked simple and sophisticated.  I mean yes; you may feel like you could accessorize with a sassy pair of pumps, infinity scar and studs but you'll feel fulfilled. Your fashion detox will allow you to evauluate new concepts you want to try. But enjoy the basics they are a a good recipe for simple sophistication allowing new style concepts to form. 


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